Bankruptcy Mission Statement

A Better Way to A Fresh Start…

Bankruptcy can be a daunting, and even frightening, concept.  More challenging, however, is the prospect of continuing to be threatened by a lawsuit, foreclosure, garnishment, bank levy, repossession and, of course, annoying phone calls from creditors.

A better way to get a fresh financial start and to deal with these fears was conceived by the founders of our country when they purposefully included in the Constitution the “subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States.”  And so, through several incarnations, the present bankruptcy law remains the surest way to obtain a fresh financial start.

However, some of the bigger law firms who represent debtors in bankruptcy are known as bankruptcy “mills.”  Clients become mere numbers, calls are never returned, and many people end up frustrated and angry that they entrusted one of their most important legal matters to a bankruptcy “mill.”  Other law firms put more effort in marketing their services than in representing their clients because they know people are desperate for help.  Both the “mills” and the “marketers,” in our opinion, charge too much for their services and do not provide the personal service clients deserve.

A better way to serve the public is possible.  At The Law Office of Hargrove & Associates,  experienced attorneys provide the highest-quality legal services for a reasonable fee, while respecting the client with personal and dignified legal representation.  That is our pledge to you. That is, we believe, a better way!

To schedule a free and confidential consultation with a bankruptcy attorney J, Morgan Hargrove please call 617 454 4906.

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