Why Choose J. Morgan Hargrove to represent you in Bankruptcy

Personal Attention

J. Morgan Hargrove gives personal, one-on-one attention to each and every client he represents. There are no secretaries or paralegals in his office; he represents you exclusively from the day you meet with him until the day your case is satisfactorily completed.

Compassion and Understanding

J. Morgan Hargrove understands your needs and appreciates how people and small businesses get into debt. Morgan grew up in Boston, the son of a middle-class working couple, and knows what it costs to live and raise a family in Massachusetts.

No-Nonsense Representation

J. Morgan Hargrove is a no-nonsense attorney who prides himself on giving his clients straight-forward, plain English advice on their finances. He believes that his clients should understand, to the best of their abilities, exactly what their rights and responsibilities are with regard to their matter so that they may share in making the best decision possible to resolve their issues.

Reasonable Fees

J. Morgan Hargrove knows that his clientele are not “rich” or they would not be seeking his advice on bankruptcy. As a result, the first consultation is always free and he charges reasonable fees, comparable to other attorneys with similar experience, while allowing his clients to pay over time in order to accommodate their difficult finances.

Flexible Schedule

J. Morgan Hargrove is available for appointments that fit your schedule. While he maintains “regular business hours” from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., he will make himself accessible to you when and where you need him. In fact, in certain circumstances, he will visit your location upon request

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